Just Pazzin’ Thru…Have You Ever Wondered Why…

In our wonderful world of motorsports, have you ever wondered why…

  • …in the U.S., most stock car tracks are run in a counter-clockwise direction while the road courses mostly run clockwise?
  • …at local tracks where there is both an oval and a drag strip, the competitors mix like water and oil?  Very few of them attend each other’s events or even want to talk to each other?


  • …most drag racing sanctioning bodies and/or tracks require “tech” BEFORE a car actually races while stock car organizations wait until after the races are finished?


  • …some people prefer only one form of motorsports?  Aren’t the same basic principles in place for all forms of racing (noise, speed, competiton, awesome race machines, etc.)?


  • …no one has ever really knocked down the reason why a “checkered” flag is used to signal the end of most races?  There are several theories but none has ever been proven?


  • …people who buy property in close proximity to a racing facility have the audacity to complain later about the “excessive noise” and “dirt”?


  • …the off-season becomes a breeding ground for all kinds of rumors, 99% of which never come true?
  • …when drivers say “I’m never gonna race here again!”, “never” always lasts about 2 weeks–or less!
  • …racing fans have the guts to complain about “little things” in the coverage motorsports gets?  Not so long ago, race fans had to wait a couple of weeks AFTER an event before they could watch it on TV! 
  • …local radio stations and newpapers very rarely have any motorsports coverage?


  • …baseball and football stadiums receive most of their funding from local and state governments but motorsports facilities are privately funded and have to fight for even a tax break?


  • …most restroom facilities at motorsports venues (especially local ones) are so disgusting? 


  • …most people can tell you who finished 4th at the INDY 500 this year but can’t tell you who placed 2nd and 3rd, let alone tell you who won the race?


  • …drivers and crew chiefs deny any first-hand knowledge of any ”illegal parts” in their racing machines?  The usual shrug of the shoulders that accompanies “I don’t know” makes them appear either stupid or naive!


  • …a lot of race fans and competitors think they know what’s wrong with the operation of a race track without having any direct past experience of running one?


  • …most local stock car tracks still have ’70′s era Chevelles and Camaros running in their various divisions?


  • …a lot of so-called race fans express displeasure for anything that runs with a 4 cylinder engine–or worse still, a two-cycle motorcycle/snowmobile engine–in a race car?


  • …too many local tracks “skimp” on their rescue/emergency crews and equipment?


  • …there remains only 3 quarter-mile dragstrips in New York State (NYIRP, ESTA, and Lebanon Valley)?


  • …race drivers spend tons of money on their racing machines, then complain that the cost of racing is too high?


  • …some drag racers never complain when they win a round by a minuscule margin but when they LOSE by a similar amount, something “…must be wrong with the timing system…”?


  • …so many people, other drivers and fans alike, believe a driver is always cheating when they win? Especially if a driver wins a LOT? 


  • …we have so many great drivers, engine builders, crew chiefs, etc. in this part of the country?


  • …you started reading this thing in the first place? (grin!)

That’s it for now!  Happy New Year and a very prosperous and successful 2006!


Mike Paz, Motorsports Announcer


Just Pazzin’ Thru…Christmas Eve update




Those of you who are regular readers of this space are very familiar with my friend Dick Ransom.  Dick has been diagnosed with cancer of the lungs with some invasion in his back.  He has been undergoing intensive chemo and radiation therapy.  Certainly, it is not the rosiest of times for Dick, his wife and family.  However, if you check out the raceNY site, www.raceny.com, you can read a progress report from the man himself.  The short of it:  Mr. Ransom has made progress, according to his doctors–the tumors have shrunk since the initial treatments began.  Regardless of your religious beliefs, my take on this is that is nothing short of miraculous.  If nothing else, it has further strengthened my beliefs that positive thinking by both patient and friends and family produce positive results!  So Merry Christmas, Dick Ransom, and also to everyone else that takes the time to read this space!

Mike Paz, Motorsports Announcer


Just Pazzin’ Thru…Racing Christmas Wish List

Just Pazzin’ Thru…My wish list for this Christmas Holiday Season for local, regional & national race personalities:


For Dick Ransom:  a speedy and complete recovery (completely cured)!  UPDATE: see Christmas Eve post above

For all NY race (of any kind) track operators (especially Bob & Donna Metcalfe, The Bennetts, The Friessens, Jim & Marla Reid, Howie Commander, The Spencers, Pat Furlong/Steve Gioia, Dean Hoag and anyone else I missed:  as close as possible to a rain free 2006 season!

For Troyer Engineering:  a brand, new sparkling facility to grow their business better and stronger than the burned-out one!

For any racer who has not yet tasted that first victory:  a win in 2006!

For all sponsors of any kind of racing anywhere:  a banner year in 2006 so you will keep supporting our sport!

For Dave Da Dude:  Much continued success in your endeavors towards professional announcing!  You’re on your way!

For fellow WGI announcer Greg Emelski:  Continued good health and a shedule for you at the Glen!

For Sean O’Neill:  That long-promised Bud in 2006!

For Ted Christopher:  a great run and a podium finish in the upcoming Rolex 24 at Daytona!

For DJ Raiser:  another great SS win and a date for your charity race that I can make!

For Dan Fletcher:  A Double championship in NHRA Stock & Super Stock!

For Jim Sickles & Tom Anderson:  A way to reverse your decision not to race in 2006 and come back to win a Championship!

For Martin Truex Jr.:  Success in Nextel Cup similar to what you’ve enjoyed in the Busch Series for the last 2 years!

For Dale Earnhardt, Jr.:  A spot in the 2006 Nextel Chase for the Cup!

For Ricky Craven:  a competitive ride in the Nextel Cup Series!

For Ken Schrader, now with the Wood Brothers:  the return of both of you to Victory Lane!

For Erin Crocker:  A way to steer clear of other’s people’s wrecks so that you can show what you can do!

For Danica Patrick:  That elusive first win!  PLEASE!

For Tony Stewart:  How ’bout Cup Championship #3?

For Denny Hamlin:  Continuing on the roll you had in late 2005!

For Reed Sorensen:  Your first Nextel Cup Win in 2006!

For Casey Mears:  enough consistency to take you to the Chase!

For everyone that reads this blog segment:  A very Merry Christmas and a very prosperous and better 2006!

Mike Paz, Motorsports Announcer