A Stroke Of BAD Luck…or Good???

This post is dedicated to Pete Dowd(from”Track Talk” on WRCE-AM) Watkins Glen-Elmira who always encourages me to keep posting on here…If you visit here regularly, you may have noticed that I haven’t updated this site since the beginning of the year. Well, there’s a very good reason for that: the blood pressure problems that I talked about in my last post caused me to have a a major stroke on March 28th which nearly killed me–so I’ve been told by my neurologist–it also left me with my left side temporarily partially paralyzed. But with the help of the staff at Blossom North Rehab Center in Rochester(who also helped me to lose 70 lbs. so I’m not the man I used to be) and their former out standing physical therapy team I can now walk again (except with a noticeable limp, especially when I get tired  which happens a LOT!!! BUT Hey I’m still here which certainly beats the alternative! Just a quick review for those who don’t know I’ve been fortunate to have had a long-time broadcasting career and presence in the Rochester and Western New York area, co-hosting the WDKX Digital FM 103.9 1morning show for 17 years.I have had the privilege of calling hundreds of games as public address announcer for Red Wings baseball and Amerks hockey plus Section V Boys and Girls Basketballland RIT Athletics, DJ’d at local clubs, (like the old Club 2001, the biggest reason why I moved to Rochester in the first place February 1978. After that, I worked retail counters at places in Rocheter like Record Archive, Meineke Discount Muffler Brake and PC Innovations–I even “tried” to sell cars at Cortese Dodge (THAT didn’t work!) and also started my own DJ service for weddings, parties and other events. But those who know me best and who stop by here often know that my favorite thing by far to do now is working around the country announcing all kinds of auto racing events including the Daytona 500 and Watkins Glen races.

With much determination and the help and support of many caring people, I was able to attend a Red Wings game over the summer – and even returned to serve as public address announcer for the August 17 game.I’ve also been back to New York Raceway Park (where I got my race announcing start over 23 years ago) a few times and Genesee Speedway, where I’ve announced for the last 3 years. Many thanks goes to announcers Rich Vleck Kenny Hangauer Jr. and Steven Petty for substituting in my absence.After another recent series of health and also economic setbacks resulting from the stroke, friends and colleaues from around the country teamed up to help me with 2 benefit events. The first benefit was held Sunday, November 8 from 11 am – 3 pm at the Breezy Hill Party House, 2875 Merchant Road in Warsaw.

Keep checking back here for racing updates since a lot has happened in the last year or the last month, for that matter! Especially you, Pete!